Event 53_FixMyNation(Support Sanvika)

#SupportSanvika #FixMyNation #SaveKid #TeamZindangi Here is the incident info, our team (FixMynation + Team Zindagi) physically verified: SANVIKA (3yrs) kid, unfortunately, fallen down from First-floor Balcony on 11th April 2020 and was been injured seriously on the Skull part and brain. She is currently admitted to PICU at Rainbow Hospital, Banjara Hills , Hyderabad, Telangana. She was treated with a surgery and it went well but still needs to be at her conscious yet. Financial Background of the family (We personally validated it): Naresh (Kid's father) is a Hospital Technician (Anestesia Dept) who cannot afford the treatment as at present for the intense care alone it is costing around 35k (INR) per day along with the estimation of 6lakhs. He paid an amount 4lakhs which were from Fundraising’s mostly by a Doctor in the same hospital he is working and even this requirement was brought to us by the same one! Our member (Moses Guttula) went to the hospital and paid the hospital due bill.

Event 52_FixMyNation(Support Nazeeb Ashraf)

#SupportNazeebAshraf Nazeeb was Preterm baby boy (33 weeks) born on 23rd Dec 2019 at Khamam. On day 43, this boy was admitted to rainbow Hospital, Vijayawada with complaints of decreased urine output and decreased feed intake. He was diagnosed with Kidney bulky size issue which caused Filling bilateral renal calyces and also affecting ureters. For this, he has been operated and doctors used Stunts in his Kidneys which are to be removed after 1 month(appr.) by again operating. His parents are poor but still started finding the estimates for the boy. Our volunteer Manikanta physically went to Rainbow hospital (Vijayawada city) on 30th March 2020 and payed the hospital due amount.

Event 51_FixMyNation(Support Pavani)

#SupportPavani #FixMyNation #SaveKid #TeamZindangi Here is the incident info our team (FixMynation + Team Zindagi) physically verified: Thorati Pavani (3yrs) kid, unfortunately, fallen down from Second-floor Balcony on 28th February 2020 and was been injured seriously on the right eye, right hand. She is currently admitted to ICU at Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana. Doctors are treating with steroids to relieve the pain and trying to open her eyes to check the brain nerves. Based on that report, she will be treated for surgery if required. #Financial Background of the family (We personally validated it): Prakash (Kid's father) is a Car Mechanic who cannot afford the treatment as at present for the intense care alone it is costing around 30K (INR) per day without medication cost. He paid an amount 100K on joining her by taking money for debt from his car showroom owner. We (FixMyNation) team supported this campaign by donating 32000 INR

Event 50_FixMyNation(Support for toilets renovation at school)

#FixMyNation #PURE #ToiletRepairs PS Attapur, Harijanwada Hyderabad, Telangana State of the school before PURE, a non profit, intervened This school in the heart of Hyderabad was grossly neglected. The school somehow missed falling in the eyes of CSR programs in the city and other non profits working in the area. All 60 children who attend the school are from marginalized communities and come from financially stressed households. The school was also at the risk of closure with strength falling each year. Three teachers were on extended sick leave and a HM on the verge of retirement was trying to hold it all together. Requirements PURE fulfilled so far PURE provided notebooks, school bags, weekly special snack, temporary teacher, RO water system, benches, digital classroom, library, sports material , hand wash area was built, old water tank removed #The ask 1. Toilets are in plain view of the passers by and buildings surrounding the school. Privacy wall is needed immediately to protect the privacy of the 60 children. We (FixMyNation) team supported for this campaign an amount of 42960INR (607USD)

Event 49_FixMyNation(Support Farmer Family Livelihood)

“If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.” #SupportFarmerFamilyLivelihood One of the farmer Mr. late.Talari Ramanjaneyulu who belongs to veranapalli( village) ,vidapankalu (mandal), Anantapur district, committed suicide by consuming pesticides last before week due to uncleared debts. #Cause of suicide: He borrowed an amount of 5lakhs to drill multiple bores in his farmland of 3acres, despite of drilling bore he could only witness few traces of water. As a result of shortage of water, crop has been ruined and thus he committed suicide leaving his family (wife and two children) into more troubles. #Our (FixMyNation) Plan : As the farmers wife lakshmi who is uneducated has no idea how to take care of her two sons(elder kid who is studying 3rd standard and younger child is 3years old), approached us for support. Our plan is instead of providing instant financial support, we thought of showing a way where she can earn her bread and butter by herself. The plan is to buy a Cow for her by which she can make her livelihood and can take of her children by selling milk. #Plan Estimation: The cost of the cow is 35,000/- (enquirerd the info from the cow seller). We (FixMyNation) along with RYTHU SAMRAKSHANA FOUNDATION (RSF) planned to support the deceased farmers family. RSF collected 15,000/- and we (FixMyNation) sponsored remaining 20,000/- (which is $278.58)

Event 48_FixMyNation(Support bench's for Young Indians)

FixMyNation Campaign #DonateBench for #YoungIndians🇮🇳 #About: This is the Government Primary school (I-V Stds.) at Shivarampally mandal, Hyderabad. This school was in a very bad condition two years ago. Earlier with the support from Anarghya Foundation, we (FixMyNation) had funded for the renovation of girls toilets. Because of all these activities, there is a very positive response from the villagers by which school strength has been increasing day by day. Now, there are just a few works left and this school would be no less than a private school #Current problem: Dual desk benches - These children come from far places and they come by bare foot so lack of benches is spoiling their uniforms as they sit on the floor. This problem is even worse in the rainy season as the buildings are too old, the rain water leaks from the walls making it difficult for the children to sit on the floor. Please find the related pics below. Why not government take this issue as their duty? We had followed up thoroughly and only after learning that its not a mandate for the government to provide the benches for the kids, we have now taken up this project to gift them the benches. #Current strength of the school: This school has around 400 students now and so about 95-100 benches would accommodate all the kids. #Solution: As purchasing the new benches is too costly, we had figured out an alternative to it. Those benches which are soldout as scrap can be purchased and can be refurbished/renovated which would cut dow the costs by almost 50% and without a compromise in the quality(tested by renovating one of them). Please find the related pics below. #Cost Info: Each such bench is costing around ₹1200/- while a brand new one is around ₹2,600/- . #Total contribution: We had totally donated 79 benches

Event 45_FixMyNation(Support Visually Impaired Training for the month of March Expenses)

As part of our monthly support to Tezas foundation free computer training institute for visually impaired students, We had contributed to pay Tezas staff salaries and house rent for the month of March 2019. Me2We members Kiran Sreeram, Kishore Vijayarao, Sagar Motupalli and Suman Maddula visited Tezas foundation, Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana on 30/03/2019 and executed this event.

Event 43_FixMyNation(Farmers Day Special)

On the eve of Farmers day celebration, We(FixMyNation) distributed ‘Dudheshwar’(desi variety seeds) to 27 farmers at Maachavaram village, Medak district. Below were the program details and related pics,video. Program details: - Reach maachavaram gram Panchayat office by 9 AM - Welcome drinks (Sugarcane juice/ Ambali) - Rally for 2 kms - followed by 3 kms trekking to Shiva ganga - visit and learn about watersheds/checkdams constructed by grama bharathi volunteers - Reach Shiva ganga - Farmers share their experiences/ interaction with farmers - Felicitation of farmers following Natural Farming practices - Lunch around 1 PM - Return to village at 2 Pm

Event 41_FixMyNation(Support Vali's Mother commute)

#SupportForValiMother On November 10th 2018, we (FixMyNation) had contributed to pay cab expenses to bring Vali (visually impaired student)'s mother (Shaik Kareem Bee garu) from their village (Voblapur, Karimnagar) to Mahavir hospital, Hyderabad for her medical checkup process. Background story: She is suffering from Stage 5 of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) for which she is under going for Dialysis on weeklys basis at Prathima hospitals, Karimnagar under Arogyasree scheme. She has been inserted with needle near to her neck to perform dialysis. Due to which she got throat infection and not taking food properly due to severe throat pain. And the next stage is to go with AV fistula surgery so that the needle can be inserted at wrist for Dialysis. Prathima hospital is not having that facility to do that now. So, the hospital management have suggested them to move to Mahavir hospital for further treatment.So, Vali has requested us to support for AV fistula surgery at Mahavir hospital. As Shaik Kareem Bee garu is not in a position to walk her self and Vali is visually impaired person, so we have arranged cab for coming Hyderabad from their village. (FYI... When we took her for check up at Mahavir, Dr.Uma Mahesh garu said that AV fistula surgery will be covered under Arogyasree- initially we thought of funding for the surgery)

Event 40_FixMyNation(Titli Cyclone Support)

#TitliCycloneSupport #SrikakulamDistrict On October 28th 2018, We (FixMyNation) visited G.karapadu village cyclone victims(No NGO/ Govt reached for the support of that people - refer paper posting) and thus supported them with daily needs like rice,oil,dal,tamarind,onions,potatoes and utensils along with the help of Blood & Organ donor society & Tetra needy (hyd) groups.

Event 39_FixMyNation(Support Desire society, Kids suffering from AIDS)

#SupportHIVChildren We (FixMyNation) supported monthly groceries and spent the day(Games, Education info, Motivation class and Extra circular activities) with the children at Desire Society, Hyderabad (Home for children who are effected by HIV. There are total of 84) Thank you all who supported for this event(used the existing funds for this campaign)

Event 38_FixMyNation(Support for 10th grade fee for Alexy)

#WomenEducation Alexy from Apple Orphange Home to whom we had supported for 9th class at Sri Vishwa Bharathi Vidya Niketan at Gundala(Vijayawada). We(FixMyNation) supported her to continue studies for 10th class. Coming to her family, She lost her mother long back and as her Father could not support her, #SnehaLatha(Founder of Apple Society) madam helping her by providing the shelter at the home but could not afford for the studies. On 1st November 2018, Satish Borra, Yojana Kamabathula, Santosh Shankarnarayan, Sudheer Raj Ramineni, Srinivas Rao Golla, Aneesh Kommidi, Dorababu Gadi, Ratna Kumar Nanduri, Sanjay Akella, Pradeep Rao Vennamaneni, Tejoram Maley, Sandeep Chundru, Sravan Dasari, Manikanta Gandham, Manoj Kodali, Bhargav Veeramachaneni and Phani Govindavajjula donated 16,500/- towards the support of 10th grade fee payment for Alexy.

Event 37_FixMyNation(Support Visually Impaired)

SupportVisuallyImpaired FixMyNation has contributed to purchase laptop to Palanisami who is visually impaired and financially backward student. You can find complete details about this requirement @ Me2We team along with Naga Prasad garu (Tezas foundation taching faculty)visited Zee Technologies, Ameerpet on 22nd September 2018, purchased and handed over the laptop to Palanisami. Appreciate you Palanisami for your patience to travel 18 hours from Erode, Tamilanadu to Hyderabad for collecting laptop. On 22nd September 2018, Satish Borra, Sanjay Akella, Ratna Kumar Nanduri, Aneesh Kommidi, Manoj Kodali, Phani Govindavajjula and Manasa Kanuganti donated 26,270/- towards the support of purchase of laptop to Palanisami.

Event 36_FixMyNation(Renovating GirlsToilet)

We(FixMyNation) with the support of Anarghya Foundation renovated girls toilet at Mandal Parishad Primary school, Shivarmpally village, Rajendranagar mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana. FixMyNation along with Anarghya Foundation worked on renovation of this Girl's toilets block with help of the School(no enough funds) Headmaster which includes the following: # Raised bifurcation walls # Tiling of the entire urinal space # Replacing the dilapidated doors # New water connection to the toilets # 3 buckets and 3 mugs # Ground levelling and clearance to this toilets block as its filled with rocks and unwanted wild plants # One lock to lock the main entrance of the girls toilets to stop the local villagers from using and spoiling these after the school hours. On 19th September 2018, Ratna Kumar Nanduri, Aneesh Kommidi, Pradeep Rao Vennamaneni, Rao Kappagantula, Venkateswarlu Kambham and Manoj Kodali donated 20,000/- towards the support of renovating of girl's toilet.

Event 35_FixMyNation (Support for Kerala flood victims Part 5)

#StandWithKerala Support for Kerala flood victims-Part 5 (Household Items):- As part of our support to Kerala flood victims, we have donated 2 Almaras and 18 study tables to flood affected families at Valliyoorkaavu, Mananathavady. We are supposed to do this donation on 15th September when we visited Mananthavady last time. As the material was unavailable at that time, one of the Me2We member Harish Kumar V went to Mananathavady on 13th and 14th October 2018 and distributed the remaining flood relief material to the needy as committed.

Event 35_FixMyNation (Support for Kerala flood victims Part 3)

#StandWithKerala Support for Kerala flood victims-Part 3(HouseholdItems):- We have donated house hold items (Shelves, Emergency Charging lights, Kichenware items, Foldable beddings, Pillows, Study tables, Induction stoves, Mixis, and Iron box) to 37 flood affected families at Valliyoorkaavu, Manathavady, Kerala.

Event 35_FixMyNation (Support for Kerala flood victims Part 2)

#StandWithKerala Support for Kerala flood victims - Part 2(Study kits):- We have contributed for purchasing study kits (School bags, 2 Note books, Geometry box, Exam pad, and chocolates) to Nehru memorial upper primary school students at Valliyoorkavu, Mananthavady, Kerala. All these students are from flood affected families.

Event 35_FixMyNation (StandWithKerala)

On 9th September 2018, Satish Borra, Yojana Kamabathula, Manasa Kanuganti, Gyandeep Kankanala, Santosh Shankarnarayan, Sudheer Raj Ramineni, Ratna Kumar Nanduri, Srinivas Rao Golla, Avinash Sirigineedi, Aswin Medarametla, Suneel Guntamukkala, Shashank Lagisetty, Nitish Adapa, Aneesh Kommidi, Akshar Manepally, Aswini Sirasani, Venkateswarlu Kambham, Phani Govindavajjula, Sidharth Hari Krishna, Vamsi Krishna Bale, Dorababu Gadi, Pothuraju Chebe, Nitish Gundlapalli , Manikanta Lankireddy, Sanjay Akella, Pradeep Rao Vennamaneni, Akshay Deshpande, Hema Sai Mallampati, Rao Kappagantula, Deepthi Nelavelli, Unnikrishnan rajagopalan, Abhishek Madharapakam Pagadala, Mrudul Nelaturi , Manoj Kodali, Navaneeth Chatharaju and Sampath Garikipati donated 3,49,177/- towards the support of Kerala Flood Relief.

Event 28_FixMyNation (Donation of SchoolBags & Stationery kit)

On 12th May 2018, Manikanta Lankireddy donated $250 towards the support of SchoolBags and Stationery kit for 100 students at a free children’s summer camp organized by Swashodan Trust at Shree Sita Ramanjaneya temple, Ramkoti, Hyderabad which provided free trainings on Art, Yoga, Dance, and many other skills for the kids.

Event 27_FixMyNation (Cloths Distribution For Special Kids and Renovation works at Arunodaya Mano Vikasa Kendram)

On 21st April 2018, Satish Borra, Yojana Kamabathula, Santosh Shankarnarayan, Sudheer Raj Ramineni, Srinivas Rao Golla, Aneesh Kommidi, Dorababu Gadi, Pothuraju Chebe, Sanjay Akella, Pradeep Rao Vennamaneni, Akshay Deshpande, Tejoram Maley, Ratna Kumar Nanduri donated Rs 20,000 towards the support of Cloths distribution for Special Kids and Renovation works at Arunodaya Mano Vikasa Kendram.

Event 20_FixMyNation (Donation of Diwali Diyas)

On 20th October 2017, Aneesh Kommidi, Yojana Kamabathula, Ratna kumar Nanduri donated Rs.7,500 towards the support of Diwali Diya’s to the special kids, Aaya’s at Arunodaya Manovikasa Kendram as well to the old people at Viswa Santhi Oldage Welfare Society

Event 17_Spine Surgery Support

On 2nd June 2017, Ratna Kumar Nanduri,Satish Borra, Yojana Kamabathula, Venkateswarlu Kambham, Srinivas Rao Golla, Pothuraju Chebe, Manikanta Lankireddy, Dorababu Gadi, Pradeep Rao Vennamaneni and Mrudul Nelaturi donated Rs.19,550 towards the support of Padmavathi's spine surgery through Me2We NGO.

Event 14_Leg Surgery Support

On 2nd February 2017, Ratna Kumar Nanduri, Tejoram Maley, Srinivas Rao Golla, Akshar Manepally, Manoj Kodali, Sanjay Akella, Suneel Guntamukkala, Aneesh Kommidi, Manasa Kanuganti and Mrudul Nelaturi donated Rs.45,000 towards the support of Thiyagu's leg surgery through Me2We NGO.